That Mullah

One day Mullah Nasruddin entered his favorite teahouse and said: 'The moon is more useful than the sun'. An old man asked 'Why Mullah?' Nasruddin replied: 'We need the light more during the night than during the day.'

‘You may have lost your donkey, Nasruddin, but you don't have to grieve over it more than you did about the loss of your first wife,’ a man told Mullah Nasruddin. ‘Ah, but if you remember, when I lost my wife, all you villagers said: We'll find you someone else. So far, nobody has offered to replace my donkey.’

Nasruddin nearly fell into a pool one day. A man nearby saved him. Every time he met Nasruddin after that he would remind him of the service which he had performed. When this had happened several times Nasruddin took him to the water, jumped in, stood with his head ust above water and shouted: ‘Now I am as wet as I would have been if you had not saved me! Leave me alone.’

At a gathering where Mullah Nasruddin was present, people were discussing the merits of youth and old age. They all agreed that a man's strength decreases as years go by. Mullah Nasruddin dissented. ‘I don't agree with you,’ he said. ‘In my old age I have the same strength as I had in the prime of my youth.’ ‘How do you mean, Mullah Nasruddin?’ asked somebody. ‘In my courtyard,’ explained Mullah Nasruddin, ‘there is a massive stone. In my youth I used to try and lift it. I never succeeded. Neither can I lift it now.’