Imams of the Haram, Makkah Mukarramah

Here is a list of current Imams (2008) of the holiest Musjid, Musjidul Haraam (Ka’bah) in Makkah Mukarramah:

Sheikh Dr Abdur Rahman As-Sudais, leading Imam, Age: 47, memorized Quran by 12, Degree in Sharia from Riyadh Univ in 1983, Master's from Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University in 1987 and Ph.D. from Umm al-Qura University in 1995.

Sheikh Dr Saud Ash-Shuraim, Judge in Makkah High Court, Age: 43, Graduated from Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University, Riyadh, in 1988. Masters from Ma'had Al-'aali Lilqadhah institute in 1992, 1995 - Doctorate degree from Umm Al-Qura Univ.

Sheikh Dr Salih bin Abdullah Al-Humaid, Chairman Saudi parliament, Age: 60, Dean of Shura college at Umm-ul Qura Univ.

Sheikh Dr Usaama bin Abdullah Al-Khayyat, Age: 54.

Sheikh Salih At-Talib.

Sheikh Salah Al-Budair, during Ramadhan for taraweeh; permanent Imam in Madinah.

Sheikh Abdullah Awad Al-Johany.

Sheikh Mahir Al-Muaiqely.

Sheikh Khaled Al-Ghamdi, Age:41, Graduated from Umm al Qura University, Bachelors: Sharia. Masters: The Quran and Sciences. Previously Imam of Masjid Ameera Sheikha in Khalidiah.

Sheikh Faisal Al-Ghazzawi.

Fajr duty is Sheikh Al-Humaid. Most of the time he is in Riyadh as he is speaker of parliament. In his absence Sheikh Shuraim leads Fajr. If Sheikh Shuraim is away then Sheikh Mahir leads it.
Zuhar is lead by Sheikh Khayyat.
Asr is lead by Sheikh At-Talib.
Maghrib is Sheikh As-Sudais. When he is not around then Sheikh Faisal Al-Ghazzawi.
Esha is Sheikh At-Talib. When he is not around Sheikh Khalid Al Ghamadi comes.

There are 16 Muazzins during the year and 22 in Ramadaan.