Rewards of Piety

A Muslim is ordered to resist the urge to commit sins like dating, flirting, ogling the opposite sex, looking at porn movies and pictures and the ultimate sin of adultery and affairs.

By preventing oneself from these sins, one undergoes the pain of not sinning and of missing out on the illicit pleasure that one desires. In return, Allah Y gives one these rewards:

1. Ease in every task. All your work will be made easy. Sinning is difficult and a person makes plans for it and to hide it. The Hadith tells us: ‘You fear that people should come to know of it.’ No sinner is ever at ease. Allah grants the sinner a bitter, constrained life. (Qur’aan).
Furthermore, the person who is in pain due to leaving sin will find the sweetness of Imaan (faith) in his heart. (Hadith)

2. Easy way out of difficulties. When a person fears Allah and stays away from sin, Allah will make a way out for him from difficulties. (Qur’aan) Allah will find him a quick solution for his problems.

3. Unlimited sustenance. Allah will grant the one who stays away from sin sustenance from such sources which he cannot imagine. (Qur’aan) Staying away from sin is a business without loss for Allah never breaks His promise.

4. Light of guidance. Allah shall grant the person the light of guidance to differentiate between truth and falsehood. (Qur’aan)

5. Light of tranquillity. He (Allah) is the one who send down the light of tranquillity in the hearts of the believers. (Qur’aan)

6. Life of enjoyment. We (Allah) will most definitely grant him an enjoyable life. (Qur’aan) With good actions will come a life of guaranteed enjoyment.

7. Respect and honour. The Qur’aan mentions that the most pious person is the noblest person.

8. Allah’s friendship. Tired of people letting you down? Well, stay away from sin and you will become Allah’s friend, such a friend who shall never desert you.

9. Clean slate. Another reward for piety is that one’s sins are wiped out and will also be forgiven in the Hereafter, at the time when it matters the most. (Qur’aan)

Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Saheb