News August 2008 (3)

SOUTH AFRICA - Mufti Hussain Bhayat, a senior cleric from South Africa, was arrested in Uganda on 'terror' charges. (Herald, Aug 22)
KASHMIR - Hundreds of thousands of Muslims took part in a protest rally in Indian-controlled Kashmir. This is the fourth big protest in the Muslim-dominated valley in less than two weeks. Anti-Indian sentiment has grown following the granting of land to a Hindu shrine organisation. 21 people died after police fired on protesters. (BBC, Aug 22)
PAKISTAN- 200 people have died in clashes between Sunnis and Shias which began two weeks ago in Kurram near Afghanistan. (BBC, Aug 2)
EGYPT - Ghazala Khamis, 27, an Egyptian gave birth to septuplets: four boys and three girls. The babies weigh between 1.5 and 2kg. The Egyptian government has promised to provide the family with free baby milk and nappies for the next two years. (BBC, Aug 17)
AFGHANISTAN- Six Nato soldiers killed in fighting days after a Taleban attack on French troops killed 10 soldiers. (BBC, Aug 22)
KASHMIR - Hundreds of Muslim homes and shops burnt to ashes by Hindu mobs in different areas of Jammu in recent weeks, forcing Muslim families to migrate to safe places. (IOL, Aug 21)
SAUDI ARABIA - Saudi Arabia banned hosting free iftar banquets inside Musjids this Ramadaan. (IOL, Aug 22)
SOMALIA - Clashes with Ethiopian forces has claimed the lives of 92 civilians in Mogadishu. (Press TV, Aug 21)
UAE - UAE president Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan has been ranked second in a list of the world's richest royals with a fortune of approximately $24 billion. (ArabianBusiness, Aug 22)
NIGERIA - Nigeria's Islamic authority, Jamatu Nasril Islam, has told an 86-year old man who has 86 wives to choose only four and repent within three days or else he will be sentenced to death. (BBC, Aug 21)
MAURITANIA - Former prime minister Yahia Ould Ahmed El-Waqef re-arrested, a few days after being freed by the new military rulers. (BBC, Aug 21)
SOMALIA - Islamist fighters al-Shabbab took control of the southern port of Kismayo in fighting that left more than 70 people dead. (BBC, Aug 22)
PHILIPPINES - Government pulled out of an autonomy deal with Muslim separatists in the south. Christian communities opposed the deal and when the Supreme Court blocked it, Muslim fighters from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front launched attacks on several towns on the island of Mindanao. (BBC, Aug 21)
PALESTINE - Two boats carrying members of a US-based pro-Palestinian group have left Cyprus in an attempt to break Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip. The boats are carrying 40 activists from 14 countries, 200 hearing aids for children and 5,000 balloons. (BBC, Aug 22)
SERBIA - Serbia has withdrawn American writer Sherry Jones's novel The Jewel of Medina from bookstores following protests by the country's Muslim Community. American publisher Random House also withdrew Jones's book from the US market last month following protests from Muslims. (Press TV Aug 18)