Inspired, Motivated

Our job description as human beings is detailed in the Qur’aan as the worship of Allah till death.
At times we feel we cannot live up to this. We get dispirited, tired. To inspire us to continue His worship, Allah provides some tools:

1. Rewards
The Qur’aan and Hadith are replete with rewards in store for the one who worships Allah, in this world and the Hereafter. If a worker is given a good wage and additional perks then he’ll do his best despite drawbacks. Similarly, by knowing these rewards, we are motivated to continue our worship of Allah.

2. Change
The worship of Allah is varied by Salaah times changing through the year. Likewise Ramadaan fasts change according to season, ensuring variety and dispelling boredom.

3. Challenges
We are set challenges in worship: e.g. there’s a time on Friday when any dua is accepted, but we don’t know the time for certain and are thus inspired to engage in extra dua throughout Friday.

4. Concessions
Islam allows concessions in worship, e.g.: the rakaats of Salaah are reduced while on journey, we can sit and read while very ill and the Shafi’s allows joining two Salaah under certain conditions. This helps us continue Allah’s worship at all times and we do not feel it a burden.

5. Specialists
By continuing and increasing the worship of Allah, we attain the specialist rank of a Wali (friend) of Allah for whom added benefits are promised such as good news in the form of true dreams promising good for us. (Qur’aan/Bukhari)

6. Group effort
We are encouraged to perform worship like Salaah and Hajj in group form, thus drawing strength from other Muslims engaged in the worship of Allah. How much easier do we perform Taraweeh Salaah in Ramadaan with a group than if we perform it alone. Islam emphasizes the importance of a good support group, good friends, the company of good people and sticking with the Muslim community.

7. Open 24 hours
The beauty of being a Muslim is that even ordinary activities like work, play, study, family time and sleep become a means of reward and the worship of Allah if Halaal and done with the correct intention.

These and other incentives make the worship of Allah easy, helping us do it ultimately out of love and not a mere obligation.