Holiday Destinations

A Muslim’s holiday should also be an occasion when he strengthens his faith in Allah, when he learns more about Islam and the Muslims. Here are some excellent holiday destinations for Muslims going abroad:

1. Visit Muslim Spain
Spain is where much of Muslim influence over Europe happened. Go to Spain and check out the premier Muslim historical cities: Cordoba and Alhambra, for instance. Visit the great Musjid, check out the palaces. You may also want to visit Gibraltar, where the Muslim general Tariq bin Ziyad landed.

2. Visit Turkey
Turkey is home of the last great Muslim Empire, the Ottoman Caliphate. This is a country of Islamic monuments and Musjids. You can find the grave the Sahaabi Abu Ayyub Ansari radhiallahu anhu. Visit Istanbul and its blue Musjid and the Topkapi Museum which contains personal items of the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam and his companions.

3. See Central Asia
Want to see where Imam Bukhari and other Imams of Hadith came from? Then go to Central Asia. It may seem far, but can be cheap due to the currency exchange rate.

4. Visit Bosnia
100,000 Muslims were massacred in a 3-year genocide in the 1990’s. See how they’ve recovered. Or help build a Musjid in Kosovo where Serbs destroyed 200. You can also show solidarity with Muslims in Kashmir (a beautiful tourist destination) or Palestine (the land of many Prophets).

Travel and connect with the glorious Muslim past as well as today’s vibrant Muslim communities. Relax and learn as you journey.