Save Our Society

When Prophet Ebrahim alaihis salaam was given the command to sacrifice his son Ismail alaihis salaam, he broached the topic with his son in a way that holds great lessons for us.
These lessons can help us build meaningful relationships with our spouses and kids, thus eradicating two great societal problems: the breakdown of marriages and the loss of our youth to the evils of society.

Ebrahim alaihis salaam spoke to his son, saying: O my beloved son. I’ve seen in my dream (dreams of Prophets are true) that I must slaughter you, so what do you say?
Firstly, Ebrahim alaihis salaam employed loving words when addressing his son. Secondly, he communicated with his son, explaining the situation, rather than just taking him and putting the knife to his neck. Thirdly, he asked his son’s opinion, involving him in the discussion and making hi part of the decision-making process.

This whole approach was one of wisdom, which the Qur’aan asks us to use when calling people to the correct path.

For our marriages to succeed, and for parents to enjoy obedience from their kids, thus saving them from drugs and other evils, we also need to use the kind and loving language used by Ebrahim alaihis salaam.

Always bear I mind when intending to correct anyone that two people more pious than us, namely Prophets Musa and Haroon alaihis salaam, were instructed to speak in soft tones when sent by Allah Ta’ala to call a tyrant more evil than any of our close family and friends is ever likely to be, namely Pharaoh, to the correct path. Therefore, how much more do we need to utilise noble and dignified language with our wives, husbands and kids?

Let not our homes become hotels, where we gather to sleep, eat and move on, exchanging barely more than a few words daily with loved ones. Work together as Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam did in housework with his wives, pray together and play together as our noble Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam did with his wives and grandchildren; this will develop an environment of trust and love, where everyone can speak with comfort and ease.

The final part is to consult with family members when making decisions. This goes a long way towards strengthening bonds and saving families.