Women of Islam

Muslim women played a prominent role in preserving Islam while observing the rules of Hijab and modesty:

After the loss of many leading Huffaaz in the Battle of Yamaamah, Umar radhiallahu anhu advised Khalifah Abu Bakr radhiallahu anhu to compile a standardized, written copy of the Qur’aan. This copy was placed in the custody of a lady, our Mother Hafsah radhiallahu anha.

In Hadith, we have our Mother Aeysha radhiallahu anha, one of the 4 leading transmitters of Hadith. So the 2 primary sources of Islamic knowledge was in the care and trust of women.

Imam Dhahabi says: ‘There are many men who have fabricated Hadith. However, no woman in the history of Islam has been accused of fabrication.’ Imam Hakim Naisapuri says: ‘¼ of our religion depends on the narrations of women. Were it not for these narrations, we would lose ¼of our religion.

The Muslim Woman Vol 9, Edition 11