Crucifixion Myths

Christians believe the so-called crucifixion of Prophet Esa (Jesus) alaihis salaam to be a cornerstone of their belief. The Qur’aan categorically states that he was neither killed nor crucified and that the issue is a confusing one for Christians. A look at the present-day Bible reveals many discrepancies in the crucifixion story as well as the myths that are popular today yet are not found in the Bible:

1. Carrying the cross
Three of the four gospels in the Bible state that Simon of Cyrene carried the cross of Jesus alaihis salaam on the way to the crucifixion site, while John 19:17 states that he carried it himself.

2. Nailed to the cross
This does not appear in any of the 4 gospels.

3. Moving the stone of his tomb
Matthew 28.2 says it was an earthquake, Mark 16.4 has no earthquake but the stone had been rolled back and a young man dressed in a white robe was sitting inside. Luke 24.2 also has no earthquake but this time there are two men in dazzling clothes. In John 20.12 the men are upgraded to angels.

4. Dying on the cross
Mark 15.44 states that the Roman Pilate seemed surprised that Jesus alaihis salaam was already dead, in only 3 hours. In crucifixion it took days for someone to die on the cross not in such a short time.

When such a central belief of Christianity is so full of contradictions, how can such a religion be the absolute truth of eternal salvation?