More Ways to beat Poverty

Continuing from the previous prescriptions of the Qur’aan and Hadith to increase ones wealth, here are more ways to avoid poverty:

1. Aashoora
The Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam said: ‘Whoever spends lavishly on his family on the Day of Aashoora (10th Muharram), Allah will grant him lavish provisions for the rest of the year. (Bayhaqi)

2. Avoid Begging
A man who opens the door to begging, Allah opens the door to him of want and poverty. (Ibn Majah)

3. Don’t Waste Food
Allah will forgive the person who searches for and consumes the particles of food that remain on the tablecloth. (Majma 5:28) The one who practices on this will be saved from poverty, Insha Allah. (Mullah Ali Qari)

4. Defrauding
Sustenance is taken away from a community which indulges in defrauding and cheating.

5. Illicit Sex
Zina (adultery) spreads and creates poverty.

6. Playing with Ones Wife
‘Indeed, Allah loves to see a man play with his wife and because of it ordains for them a great reward and provides for them lawful (Halaal) sustenance.’ (Kanzul Ummaal, 16:271)

7. Daily Salaah
A person who performs the five daily Salaah (prayer) regularly will have his daily sustenance made easy. (Ibn Qayyim)

8. Don’t be Miserly
Abu Bakr radhiallahu anhu says that a miser cannot escape losing his wealth in many ways including unwise building, theft, or an illness for which he’ll spend all his wealth seeking a cure.