What Happened in Gaza

After a brutal air, ground and sea genocide against Gaza, the Jews left behind utter devastation:

More than 1,300 Palestinians killed, mainly civilians with children numbering over 400.
4,000 buildings destroyed, 20,000 severely damaged. These include schools, Musjids, homes, hospitals and UN offices.
Tens of thousands homeless.
500,000 Gazans with no water for 3 weeks.
Food prices soared: chicken by 23%; flour by 45%; tomatoes by 500%.
65% of Gazans without electricity.
2 million litres of wastewater at Gaza City's treatment plant, bombed Jan 10, leaked into farm land.
30 cubic metres of sewage flowing into streets of Beit Hanoun every hour.
Human Rights Watch says it saw of white phosphorus shells being fired by Jews at Gaza Strip, a heavily populated civilian area where its use is prohibited.

World sympathy:
South Africans donated over R45 million in aid totalling over 400 tons.
Port Elizabeth Musjids donated over R150,000.
Arab League gave $2 billion.

Noteworthy events:
In Spain footballer Kanoute lifted his shirt after scoring for Sevilla to show a t-shirt with the word ‘Palestine’.
SA’s deputy Foreign Minister said: ‘Jewish money controls America and most Western countries.’
BBC refused to air charity appeal for Gaza victims.
Venezuela’s President expelled Jewish ambassador and the Foreign Minister slammed ‘criminals who govern Israel’ who ‘carried out a holocaust against Palestinians for 60 years.’
Yemeni President called on Muslim countries to allow their citizens to serve as with Palestinians against Jewish forces in Gaza.
Turkey saw daily support for Palestine with 24-hour protests outside the Jewish consulate.
Turkish PM called Jewish genocide in Gaza a ‘savagery’, ‘a crime-against humanity’ and ‘state terror’. He also stormed out of a debate where the Jewish President defended his troops brutality.
SA’s Jewish Board of Deputies openly supported Jewish killing in Gaza.

Hundreds of demonstrations for Gaza took place around the world. Here are a few:
Tens of thousands in Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan and Egypt; 5,000 in Belfast, Ireland; 40,000 in Germany; 10,000 in Scotland; 15,000 in Cape Town; 2,000 in Port Elizabeth; 300,000 in France (100,000 in Paris); 200,000 in London; 5,000 in Oslo, Norway; 200,000 in Barcelona, Spain; 10,000 in San Francisco; 15,000 in Montreal, Canada; 7,000 in Sao Paolo, Brazil; 20,000 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The winner? You judge:
After the sophisticated Jewish war machine blasted Gaza for 3 weeks, ill-equipped Hamas freedom fighters and Gazans remain unbowed.

And (know) that Allah (it is) who makes the plan of the disbelievers weak. (Qur’aan 8:18)