Burial Guidelines

A few general guidelines on what to do when a Muslim passes away in Port Elizabeth/Uitenhage, South Africa:

Form BI 1663 (Notification for the Register of Death) has to be filled out. This is available from hospitals, mortuaries, doctors and qualified medical practitioners. The deceased’s details have to be filled in (with correct spelling of name) and left thumbprint affixed.

A doctor will certify the cause of death. This form, together with the deceased’s ID book, has to be taken to Home Affairs and the death registered. A death certificate will be issued.

In case of unnatural death which includes car accidents, being shot or a suicide, a post-mortem is necessary. A family doctor needs to be arranged to certify death at home.

The Ghusl (washing of deceased) is organised by the Moslem Burial Society with relatives allowed to take part if proficient. Facilities are available at Madresa Taleemuddeen, Malabar. Men wash men while women wash women. The shroud (Kafn), planks for closing the grave, the grave, transport and bier are provided by the Moslem Burial Society for a cost of about R2,600. This also includes Ghusl, registering the death and a Burial Order.

Three Muslim graveyards are used in PE and while relative’s wishes are considered, circumstances sometimes mean that one graveyard has to be used.

Arrangements must be made with the Imam or Musjid authorities to perform Janazah Salaah at a Musjid.

Unregistered babies’ deaths are registered with Home Affairs through an Unabridged Death Certificate.

Reverts to Islam need to fill out an Acceptance of Islam form (obtainable from an Aalim) before death to ensure burial as Muslims.

For Further Details, Contact the Moslem
Burial Society
on 073 133 9966
To sponsor or run an SMS funeral notification service for PE/Uitenhage,
contact 078 672 7797