Deepest Tunnel

The Muslim world is now leading the way for the world’s tallest structures with the Burj Dubai in UAE. At the same time, the world’s deepest structures are also being built by Muslim countries:
Since the 19th Century, Turks have dreamed of connecting Europe and Asia via a tunnel under the Bosporus. That dream will come true in the form of the 13.28-kilometer-long Marmaray Tunnel in Istanbul, Turkey.

The deepest part of the tunnel will be 1,402 meters under the earth, making it the world’s deepest immersed tunnel. The nearest to this is the Seikan Tunnel in Japan which reaches 240 meters. By contrast, the famous Channel Tunnel between England and France is a mere 75 meters at its deepest point. The Mamaray Tunnel will be completed in 2010 at a cost of $3.3 billion (R33 billion) and will stretch 13.28 kilometers, linking Asia and Europe.

More than 3.25 million cubic meters of soil, sand and gravel will be dredged from the floor of the Bosporus for the project.